Vic Park Swap Meet – FREE for sellers in July

Vic Park Swap Meet is now part of the Vic Park Markets on John MacMillan Park on Sunday mornings weather permitting.


Time: 8am to12 noon.

Location: John MacMillan Park, 19 Sussex St, EVP

Sellers – Free for July – Sellers arrive between 7am & 8am Enter from Kent St

Buyers – Free

No vehicular movements on the park between 8am & 12 noon.

Terms and Conditions

Vic Park Swap Meet – Rotary

Terms and Conditions as at 1st July 2020


Vic Park Markets on John MacMillan Park, East Victoria Park, WA 6101 Enter from Kent St

Note: As this is an open-air venue, patrons are advised to take precautions against heat and/or inclement weather.

Toilet: A public toilet located at John MacMillan Park is available to Swap Meet patrons from 8am

Operating times:

  • Sunday mornings 8am to 12 Noon (weather conditions permitting)
  • Sellers must be in their bays by 8.00am if bringing cars into the enclosed area.
  • For public safety, sellers are not permitted to move their vehicles between 8am-12 Noon

Conditions of Entry:

This is applicable to all members of the public and sellers. Rotary International and the Rotary Clubs of Victoria Park, South Perth Burswood and Ascot are not-for-profit community service organizations. All of their members and helpers are volunteers. Every person who enters the area in which the Park Swap Meet is being conducted does so at his or her own risk and agrees to the following:

  • As a condition of entry that to the fullest extent legally possible, Rotary International and the Rotary Clubs of Victoria Park, South Perth Burswood and Ascot, its members and helpers are absolved from all liability (however arising) for death, personal injury, damage to property, economic loss, and any other loss or damage which arises out of or in connection with the persons entry due to any negligent act or omission, breach of duty, default or omission on the part of Rotary International or the Rotary Clubs of Victoria Park, South Perth Burswood and Ascot, it’s members and helpers.
  • All or any seller/s and or their respective representative acknowledge that they are to carry all liability and responsibility for any injury caused to any person and /or property resulting from any interaction with the property of the stall holder or their representative. The Rotary clubs of Ascot, South Perth Burswood and Victoria Park take no responsibility for any personal injury to or property damaged caused to any person through or by any seller either through intent or by negligence. The Rotary clubs of Ascot, South Perth Burswood and Victoria Park have arranged that all uninsured sellers are covered for indemnity insurance. Exclusions apply (listed below)

Insurance Liability Exclusion

insurance does not provide any coverage for Personal Injury or Property Damage in connection with Products Hazard insofar as such Personal Injury or Property Damage in connection with such Product Hazard is caused by or arising out of the ownership, possession, maintenance, operation or use of the following products or services:

  1. Mechanical or electrical goods
  2. Toys (including board games)
  3. Adult toys
  4. Medicines. Potions, beauty products, nail polish (excluding soap)
  5. Hazardous, flammable or dangerous goods (excluding candles)
  6. Products that have been dispensed or repackaged into smaller containers for retails sales, except where the original products dispensed has not been altered, mixed or blended with any other ingredients or products with clear product labelling of use and ingredients.
  7. Products sold in containers exceeding 5 litres or 5 kilograms
  8. Explosive tools, fireworks, flammable liquid, or bulk pool chemicals.
  9. Products intended to be used in connection with the navigation of vehicles, aircraft or watercraft.
  10. Parts for motor vehicles
  11. Medical equipment
  12. Guns and/or ammunition
  13. Model aircraft
  14. Knives, swords or spears (excluding cutlery)
  15. Power tools
  16. Motorised vehicles
  17. Animal feed (excluding for domestic pets)
  18. Gym equipment and bicycle
  19. Preparation of any body part for, or the application of, any tattoo or body piercing item.
  20. Massage, chiropractic treatment or similar type treatment.
  21. Fertilisers
  22. Tobacco products and nicotine replacements, and personal vaporizers products.
  23. Silicone and latex products
  24. Essential oils (which is to be used internally or directly on the skin)
  25. Vitamins, herbs, protein powders, nutraceuticals or any health and weight loss products.
  26. Any beauty treatments (excluding hair braiding, face painting using natural/non toxic paints, henna painting)
  27. Any alcohol products


  • Sellers – Booking required. Sellers are charged $10 per bay they and/or their car occupies.
    For safety reasons, sellers are NOT permitted to move their vehicles between 8am & 12 Noon
    Sellers arriving after 8am must carry their goods in if spare bays are available.
  • Buyers – admission is a gold coin donation.


  • The swap meet will run every Sunday, weather permitting, except on Sundays with extended shopping hours ,Christmas/New Year period, Easter Sunday or Anzac day if it is on a Sunday. If severe inclement weather occurs the Rotarians on Duty shall decide if the Swap Meet should be cancelled. If the Swap Meet is cancelled by the Rotary Club, a credit will be given for the cancelled day.
  • The directions and decisions of Rotarians on duty are final.
  • For safety reasons, all stall-holders shall remain until 12 Noon irrespective of being sold out of items. In emergency, stallholders wishing to leave prior to 10am must ask to be escorted out by a Rotarian on duty.
  • Sellers must confine their goods within the boundaries of their sites
  • No Umbrellas, tents, marquees or gazebos unless anchored with pegs, sand bags or water weights.
  • Only pre-used goods and potted plants may be sold at the swap meet.
  • No food, pets or animals, new goods, cut flowers or illegal items are to be sold at the swap meet. Consider selling at the Community Market instead.
  • Dogs are permitted in the selling area, but must be on a lead.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the enclosed area.
  • The Park Swap Meet closes at 12 Noon & sellers must cease selling at 12 Noon and depart the site before 12:30 PM
  • The purchase of any item(s) is the sole responsibility between the seller and the buyer.
  • The Rotary club of Rotary Clubs of Victoria Park, South Perth Burswood and Ascot accepts no responsibility for any goods purchased. The Rotary Club may refuse entry or eject a stallholder or member of the public at any time if they:
  1. Fail to comply with the conditions of the swap meet
  2. Fail to comply with lawful directions of a Rotarian on Duty
  3. In the opinion of a Rotarian on Duty, the stall holder is acting in a way which jeopardises the integrity of the swap meet.
  • Clean up and disposal of rubbish:

All sellers are to ensure that their site and the area that surrounds thiere bay is left in a clean and tidy condition upon closure of the swap meet. All rubbish, boxes and unsold goods must be removed. Shopping Centre rubbish bins may not be used for Swap Meet waste.